company party

2014 Another year has come and gone and I wanted to recap some of our highlights.

We have added six real estate licenses to the office. Dennis Biehl joined us in January and what a wonderful addition he has been to MPI. Dennis made the move from Lexington to Omaha in search of a new adventure. After that, Matt Penner from Beatrice, he received his real estate license and has been a great team member ever since. Shortly after we added Colleen Voss from Wood River and it has been wonderful having a stronger pulse in central Nebraska. Kevin Dudding moved back from Colorado and is back in the office. Shae Smith from Bennington joined us in May after graduating from Florida International University where he played football. And Eric Geiger continued his career by receiving his Iowa license in November.

In June we found Charles Ewing, an appraiser who wanted to be a part of starting Mid-Continent Properties Appraisal division. After some paper work with the Nebraska Real Property Appraisal Board MPI is proud to say we offer Ag appraisals by Chuck Ewing and Dennis Biehl. If you haven’t met this pair then it will be the highlight of your year.

In March we attended the Ag Expo where we met lots of new friends and made some great contacts.

We have a brand new online look with the addition of a new website. We’ve been tracking our online presence better than ever.

On a perfect summer night we had the company party. We all attended a baseball game and enjoyed lots of hotdogs and a Storm Chaser win.

And of course along the way we’ve been managing farm properties, holding auctions, and selling midwest farm land the whole time. We have put up some great numbers this year and look forward to the 2015 year. Thanks to everyone who has made 2014 such a wonderful year to remember.