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Areas Served

Whether you are buying or selling farm land, or looking for property management or appraisal services, Mid-Continent Properties proudly serves communities throughout the Midwest. Mid-Continent Properties’ services are available in Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota and Kansas. We believe that our agricultural experience makes all the difference when it comes to farm management and sales; we love working with farmers and ranchers in the Midwest, and our extensive industry experience and outstanding customer service yield serious results for our clients’ bottom line.

Buying and Selling Land

Mid-Continent Properties is a leading provider of agri-real estate services for farms and ranches in NE, IA, SD and KS. If you are looking to buy or sell rural property or farmland in any of these states, Mid-Continent properties can facilitate the transaction with our years of experience in appraising, marketing and managing farmland in these areas.

Looking to buy land? Mid-Continent Properties lists all of our currently available properties under our “Buy Land” page at all times. When you buy farmland through Mid-Continent Properties, you can be confident that your are paying fair market value with our industry leading property appraisal services.

If you want to sell a farm or ranch contact Mid-Continent Properties for a partner who will help you maximize the return on your property, meet your financial objectives and provide unbiased auction and appraisal services for all ranch and farm real estate in these states.

Land Management

We have decades of experience working with farmers and rural landowners. If you’re a farmer or rancher in NE, IA, SD or KS, we want to help you protect your most valuable asset: your land. Whether you want help with day-to-day management or in-depth annual consultations, we can develop a flexible management plan to meet your specific needs and create a valuable management portfolio.

Property Appraisal

The experts at Mid-Continent Properties can provide you with a fair, unbiased estimate of the value of your ranch or farm. Depending on the purpose of your property valuation, we can provide either a property appraisal or a broker price opinion for farmland in that particular state. Our rural and farm property appraisals will provide you with an affordable, trustworthy property value estimate; these estimates are used in estate valuations, condemnations, partitions and for loan collateral. A realistic and accurate property appraisal is essential to make the right financial decisions for yourself and your ranch or farm.

Contact the experts at Mid-Continent Properties for a professional, reliable partner in farm and ranch real estate services.