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Nebraska Farm Management | Land Management

Mid-Continent Properties customizes Nebraska farm management and ranch management programs to suit each client’s needs. Our management programs range from in-depth annual consultations to day-to-day planning with the Nebraska farm operator.

Additionally, our management fee arrangements are flexible and can be customized to meet client needs. Management fees can either be based on gross farm sales or net operating profit, we, in effect, share the risk of making the farm profitable for both the Nebraska land owner and the tenant.

Nebraska Land owners receive monthly reports. All revenue received is placed in a trust account which bills such as Nebraska property taxes and any other expense associated with the farm are paid from.

We believe that our Nebraska agricultural experience makes the difference in our farm management service…a difference that shows upon the client’s bottom line.


Lease Options

Cash Rent Lease:

A cash rent leases is calculated on a fixed number. This is generally done X dollar amount per acre. We have several variations of this type of lease. Most leases the rent is paid in full in the spring. However sometimes the rent is split into two payments, one in the spring and one in the fall. The owner then gets the option of when they would like to receive payments. This type of lease can be beneficial because all of the transactions are very simple and easily executed. The owner knows up front what the income will be.

Bushel Lease:

This lease specifies a fixed number of bushels of a particular commodity to be delivered to a specified elevator by a certain date without cost to the owner. The number of bushels is determined by negotiation, but in many cases is approximately one-third of normal production. This allows the owner to know exactly how many bushels he will receive. He will be able to market the grain on his own.

Net Share Lease:

This differs from the bushel lease in that the owner receives a specified percentage of the crop compared to a specific bushel number. Thus, if the crop yields are good, the rent goes up, and if yields are down the rent goes down. The only cost the owner is usually responsible for is the drying and/or storage of their share of the grain at harvest. All other productions cost are paid by the operator.

Crop Share Lease:

Under this lease the owner pays a share of the input costs and receives a share of the crop. Often it is split 50/50 where the owner pays 50% of all input costs except machinery, fuel and labor. The Owner in turn receives 50% of the crop. 60/40 crop share leases allows the owner to pay 40% of the costs and receive 40% of the corp. 70/30 crop share leases the owner receives 30% of the crop but does not pay for any of the production cost.

Custom Operation:

This arrangement the owner pays 100% of the direct input costs plus contracts for a custom operation. With this type of lease the operator receives either a fixed amount per operation or per acre. This does allow the owner to have complete control over the entire crop but with that control comes the risk.

Hybrid Lease:

This type of lease is a combination of cash rent and either crop share or bushel lease. This type of lease allows for a base guarantee income to the owner and a bonus for high yields or high commodity prices. The lease has become more popular in the past 5-7 years due to the high commodity prices we have experienced during that time.


Supervise the Farm Program and Carrying Out The Plan of Operation

Our farm manager supervises all details farm land related. This includes leasing, planning crop rotation, purchasing supplies, marketing the crops and supervising land improvement projects.

Visits to the farm are made sensibly. You will receive timely updated forms that inform you about the happenings on each farm every season.


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