Mid-Continent Properties, Inc. added a new service for our clients this year by adding Chuck Ewing, a Certified General Appraiser to the staff.  We now offer agricultural property appraisals which is a beneficial service of our company. We can better serve our clients with the proper tools they need to buy or sell agricultural properties. Property appraisals are necessary if you need the most specific and finely researched property value possible. Appraisals are needed when a legally recognized report is required.  For example, if you are using the land as an asset for a loan, you will likely need an appraisal. Please check with your lender first of course. The lender actually orders the appraisal. Unfortunately, the borrower has to pay for it! If you are establishing a value on land in an estate, or moving land in or out of a trust, an appraisal is necessary. If your objective is something along those lines, we can help you with an appraisal.

However, we find offering appraisals has actually increased the number of Broker Price Opinions that we are doing. We are happy to do Broker Price Opinions. Often a client will call and request an appraisal, but after the initial discussion, we recognize that an official appraisal is not needed and a Broker Price Opinion will be sufficient. We present the idea of a Broker Price Opinion which will save money and time. A Broker Price Opinion is not a legally-binding document.  However, they are accurate if you want to know the approximate price of a piece of land. When done correctly, a Broker Price Opinion will offer you a reasonable valuation.  For example, if you are selling property in a private transaction a Broker Price Opinion will likely be ample.

If you are curious, if you need a Broker Price Opinion, or an appraisal, call and we will help in valuing your property.