Did you know that Mid-Continent Properties supports and welcomes BROKER PARTICIPATION? So, that’s pretty neat. Want to know why we do it? Because, we are honest, nice professionals that like to work with other honest, nice professionals.

Broker participation means that if you are a real estate agent, or as a buyer you have a current real estate agent you are working with, our sales agents will split commission with you or your sales agent. It’s like sharing. And sharing is caring.
We believe this helps us work more efficiently on behalf of our clients. It also helps us build rapport with other respectable companies. As your selling agent we represent you and your property. This means we want to find you the highest buyer out there and sell it to them. Broker participation is often how we accomplish that. If a real estate agent is representing a buyer, do you think he will go to a company that doesn’t want to share with him, or a company that does? It’s a win-win situation, yet not all companies follow this practice. The seller gains more potential buyers creating a higher demand for your property. The buyer’s agent is rewarded for finding a property for the buyer. And as a company we here at Mid-Continent Properties, Inc., are dedicated to serving our clients to the best of our ability.

Ask your sales associate if he or she supports broker participation? Because WE DO!