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Nebraska Farm Appraisal & Broker Price Opinion


Mid-Continent Properties, Inc. is now offering both property appraisal and broker price opinion services for Nebraska land owners. Both services will determine an accurate and fair property value for your rural or farm property in Nebraska, but the service you choose will likely depend upon the purpose of the property valuation.

Nebraska property appraisals are the result of a much more detailed process and typically follow specific legal standards as well as universal guidelines for report format. Due to the detailed research that often goes into property appraisals, they tend to be higher in cost and require a longer process time than broker price opinions. Property appraisals would be necessary if you need the most specific and finely researched property value possible. They often are needed when a legally-recognized report is required.

A broker price opinion report will not be a legally-binding document. Broker price opinions are not required to follow legal standards or formats; therefore a broker price opinion will likely not be as expensive or quite as detailed as a property appraisal, but they are still useful property valuations. A broker price opinion is most effective when a property valuation needs to be more specific than a basic market analysis, but does not to follow all the detailed legal regulations. This will allow for a quicker turnaround time and lower cost for an effective property value report.


Rural and Farm Property Appraisal

With the expansion of our staff, Mid-Continent Properties, Inc. has also expanded its services to now include property appraisal. The experienced real estate sales associates of Mid-Continent Properties will provide you with an affordable, trustworthy, and professional farm and rural property appraisal. These property appraisal reports are often used in estate valuation, condemnation, partition, or as loan collateral. You would choose to use a property appraisal over a broker price opinion when official, legally-binding land valuation and documentation are necessary.

Even with property evaluations in such high demand, MPI can offer an independent, impartial analysis of your Nebraska property that will follow certified appraisal regulations and be returned to you in a timely manner. It is just as important to maintain a holistic view of your rural or farm property during the appraisal process as it is to scrutinize important details. This is why we will consider your property value by examining it from multiple approaches.

The points of view that will be interpreted for the final property appraisal report include estimating the cost of improvements you’ve made to the property along with the depreciated value of those improvements, analyzing the recent sales of comparable properties in the local and regional areas, and meticulously evaluating the income and expenses of your property and others in the area.

Our team of experienced Nebraska property appraisers is knowledgeable in agricultural and other rural properties so that your rural or farm property valuation will be realistic and accurate. Charles Ewing, our Certified General Real Property Appraiser, has 27 years of experience in real estate appraisal and tax appraisal and served as the County Appraiser in Labette County, Kansas for three years. His experience ranges from appraising multi-million dollar commercial properties to appraising farm and ranch improvements. Working with Ewing is Dennis Biehl whose focus is on estates and agricultural real estate properties. His 20 years of real estate sales, farm management, and agricultural appraisal experience have equipped him with the appropriate knowledge to provide you with an accurate rural or farm property appraisal report.

The property appraisers of Mid-Continent Properties Inc. are State Certified General Real Property Appraisers; this is the highest level of property appraisal and denotes a full-time specialization in agricultural and rural properties. All rural and farm property appraisals are prepared using the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) which is the only set of standards recognized by the State and U.S. governments. UAAR Standardized format will be used so that all reports are uniform and contain all necessary documentation.


Broker Price Opinion

Mid-continent Properties offers broker price opinion services (also known as broker opinion of value) to determine an unbiased land value estimate for your property. This land value can be used for a number of things including to ensure a fair and respectable price when selling property, to determine land value for estate planning or inheritance tax purposes, or to aid in refinancing an existing loan or determining a new one.

A broker price opinion is more thorough than a basic market analysis; it involves an intensive analysis of market data both current and historical combined with a broker’s skilled experience in the field to ultimately determine the final land value estimate.

The experienced real estate sales associates of Mid-Continent Properties are especially attuned to farm land values due to their extensive knowledge of agricultural and rural properties. With their knowledge and carefully honed talents, our team can provide you with a realistic land value estimate.

At Mid-Continent Properties, we handle each and every broker price opinion in a timely, cost-effective manner. We are determined to put in every extra effort with each broker price opinion to ensure you receive an authentic land value estimate for your property because we understand the importance of making educated decisions when it comes to adding value to your bottom line.

Our experienced team is dedicated to the minutest details for every unique broker price opinion we determine. We will be right there in the field so we can properly study the property in person in order to present you with the most accurate land value estimate. This includes researching the soil quality and production capacity of the land. For every broker price opinion, we will spend hours researching related land sales in the area, poring over neighborhood analyses, and inspecting comparable properties in order to reach the appropriate land value estimate in relation to the local as well as regional market.