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Sell Land: Farm Sales and Farm Auctions


Thinking about selling the farm? MPI can help.

Farm Sales and management are the most demanding fields in real estate. To be a leader in agri real estate requires an in depth understanding of farm operations, ag markets, and economic conditions as well as knowing how to appraise, market and manage farmland.

Mid-Continent Properties, Inc. (MPI) is a leader in agri real estate, combining expertise in agriculture with a proven track record of performance in farm real estate sales and farm management. We provide our clients productive farm management services by helping them sell quickly and profitably. Contact us today to find out more information about farm sales.



Mid-Continent Properties, Inc. begin the sales process with a thorough assessment of the property. We conduct an extensive evaluation of all factors that could affect the selling price of the land, location of the property and condition of the property.

Mid-Continent Properties aggressively markets properties to all potential buyers, including area residents and landowners, as well as investors with an interest in the area.

In fact, because Mid-Continent Properties has a proven track record in the real estate market, we have a number of interested buyers and investors who continually contact us looking for worthwhile investments.

There are several ways to complete the sales transaction, ranging from cash sales or contracts to lease backs or auctions. Mid-Continent Properties is adept at analyzing options from both the seller’s and the buyer’s perspective.

This allows us to advise our clients which way is best to meet their financial or investment objectives. Whether you are selling or buying property, MPI’s experience adds up to three strong advantages:

  1. Objective, realistic property assessments
  2. Agricultural expertise – Over 50 years of experience
  3. Market knowledge

These advantages work together to deliver investment opportunities to the buyer at a fair market price and solid returns to the seller.



Mid-Continent Properties, Inc. offers auction services to all clients. MPI has an in-house auctioneer with 14 years of experience. This allows MPI to have the most cohesive auction team working for you. Auction services provide the seller peace of mind that the land will be sold at market or above market rate the day of sale. We use both the Absolute and Reserve methods of auction. We work with the client to determine what method is most suitable for the sale of their property.

Broker participation in all Mid-Continent Properties, Inc. auctions is allowed and encouraged. Broker participation allows for multiple companies to work with MPI to assist in selling your property. Our auction method of selling is proven, tried and true.

Absolute Auction

This is the most attractive type of auction for buyers and will normally demand the most participation as the property sells to the highest bidder with no exceptions.

Minimum Bid Auction

Though not as attractive for buyers as an absolute auction, this type is still widely accepted. The seller establishes a minimum bid prior to the sale that is not disclosed to the buying public. It is important that the minimum bid be at or slightly below market price to ensure that the audience leaves believing that it was a legitimate use of their time and the sellers are credible. The auctioneer will make an announcement during the auction when the minimum bid is met indicating that a sale will occur that day.

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