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Testimonials – Land Management


Thank you for your dedicated service as the farm manager of the farms held in my grandmother’s Trust. During my father’s lifetime, you were always available to answer questions and provide advice. When my father’s life was cut short by cancer, you were there to guide my siblings and myself through the transfer of the remaining farm out of the trust and into our names. Finally, you were a great assistance when we decided to sell the farm. Since none of us lived in Nebraska during your tenure as manager, we relied heavily on your advice, and you never let us down. Thank you again for all your assistance both to my parents and to me and my siblings.

Best of luck as you serve other families as faithfully as you served ours.

Robbin Kotouc, Spokane, WA


I want to let you know, Roland, how much my family and I have appreciated our association with you and Mid-Continent Properties and the management of our farms during the past three years. It has been all we have hoped for and much more.
You found excellent renters for us, in the two separate areas of the state, who were above the cut.
In developing the half-section you accomplished the work in a few months and it was ready for planting on time. Granted the mild winter helped a lot but I’m sure it would have taken us several years.
Our family’s wishes and ideas were always important to you, Roland, and were always considered. I have never felt pressured to move ahead until I had time to study the proposal.
As a result our lands look so much better than they had prior to your management skills.
Thank you, Roland, for a job well done.

Beth Mashmann, Thayer County, Nebraska


Since my husband passed away in 2001, the farms that we owned together have been placed in trusts. I am not educated in the realm of farm operations, so I must rely heavily on trusted consultants to manage my portfolio. Jeff Post has been instrumental in maintaining the management of my farm ground and has earned my trust as well as my respect. Jeff keeps detailed reports on the farm operations and advises me on the best ways to continue to maximize its potential. I know that Jeff works with my best interests at heart and those are the kind of associates I like to do business with.

Dian Moore, Elkhorn, NE


I would like to express my appreciation for your expertise in farm management. Roland, you take time to call me and keep me updated on the management of my farm in Cass County. You stop by and share with me the productivity of my property. MPI is very professional and has educated licensed Real Estate Salespersons. They gave me step-by-step information that was needed to feel comfortable about making decisions to my property that has been in my family for over 66 years.
Thank you Roland, and your staff.

Betty J . Dankleff, Cass County, Nebraska


For the last seven crop years, Mid-Continent Properties, Incs co-owner, Roland Penner, has managed our farms. I have nothing but good things to say about Roland and Mid-Continent Properties, Incs service that they have provided. I have complete confidence in Rolands knowledge of agriculture, professionalism and honesty!!!!!

Lawrence H. Reimer, Beatrice, NE


I am writing this letter to let you know how much your services are appreciated for the recent listing and sale of our farm property in Wahoo, Nebraska. I am sending this letter to both of you on behalf on myself and my sister. As you will recall, my sister and I, along with spouses were co-owners of the property in Wahoo. My wife, Marylee, my sister, Mary Alyce Nelson and husband Dick and I were very pleased to have you as the one’s handling this listing and sale.

The farm has been in the family since the early 1900’s. My mother inherited the land when her father died in 1952. Since then, it has always been in our parents’ names. Our father died in 2000 and our mother recently died in 2015 at the age of 102. All their assets and properties were in my name and my sister’s along with our parents. With the death of our mother, my sister and I became the sole owners. We did not have any plans to sell the property but began having some dialogue about some long range plans for the property. Since we both have three children and an abundance of grandchildren, we did not want to cause any “estate” issues down the road if something would happen to either of us. So, the decision was made last summer to sell the farm.

My son-in-law, Joe Kutilek is a partner with Magnum Development and I leaned on him to give me some professional advice as to listing and selling the property. Within minutes, he made a phone call to Mr. Jeff Post who immediately arranged to meet with both of us to discuss our options. The brief meeting was informative and we were ready to take the next necessary steps to list the property.

As a family group, we met and listed the property on October 31, 2016. The listing arrangements were clearly spelled out and all the necessary documents were filed accordingly. Throughout the entire process we were informed by Mr. Dylan Duren in a timely manner. There were no “surprises” and we knew exactly what was going on, as needed. Both gentlemen were sensitive to our concerns about the property since it has been in the family for a long time. Also, we wanted to make sure the former tenant did not get surprised by what we were doing. Before signs went up on the property, I was given an opportunity to visit with the tenant. Both Jeff and Dylan also made a personal visit. This all helped allay any fears for the tenant and he was given first option to buy the property. He declined and it was our hope he could be retained by the buyer of the property. (This did happen).

During the weeks that followed the listing, several offers were made and Dylan did a great job keeping us informed and providing guidance as to how to proceed. By mid-December an offer was received and we accepted. The whole process went smoothly with no “hitches”. The property closed on January 5, 2017 and we, as a family, were satisfied with the results.

In closing, I would highly recommend Mid-Continent Properties, Inc. to anyone who is considering selling their farm or properties. I especially want to commend the professionalism demonstrated by both Mr. Doran “Jeff” Post and Mr. Dylan Duren. Prospective sellers can feel free to contact me if necessary.

James and Marylee Hubschman

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